Ali Haymour for MLA Edmonton Decore

This election will be unlike anything most of the people have ever seen. The far-right ultra-conservative UCP is trying to unseat the NDP government. The UCP is trying every trick in the book, hoping to scare voters with false issues and misleading messages.

The UCP knows that many NDP supporters are unhappy with Rachel Notley because her government has never really governed using true NDP values. And the UCP is hoping that other voters who held their nose and voted NDP really regret that decision, and are desperate enough to elect a far-right party to get rid of the NDP.

HOWEVER...there is a much better conservative option than the UCP, and that is Alberta Party. If you want to vote conservative again but you can’t stand to support the far-right, your only choice is Alberta Party. The candidates stand for conservative values without fear mongering and heavy -fisted tactics. That’s why they are running for Alberta Party. They are your Alberta alternative; they are your best choice for the Alberta provincial election.

Now that they have seen the many failures and missed opportunities of the NDP government, it's time to take another look at who they want to lead the government in 2019 and beyond. In their heart and mind they believe Alberta Party can provide the most effective leadership of any other party on the ballot. Look at the diagram below to see why...

The Alberta Party

Do you notice that Alberta Party is in the center of the diagram? That is because Alberta Party is a CENTER FOCUSED conservative party. They think like most Albertans. They take the ideas from both sides of the political spectrum--not too FAR LEFT, not too FAR RIGHT. Like you, their opinions and ideas are balanced, practical and realistic. That is the way they believe Albertans want their government to behave: BALANCED.

On the FAR LEFT they have the NDP. They now realize (too late) how the NDP govern. They act like a left wing party during the campaign, yet the moment they get in power they turn conservative. The problem with that has been really clear. They are making the government bigger and more expensive to run, yet they are making mistakes and missing ways to make their province more successful. They are failing the people who voted for them as well as those who did not.

On the FAR RIGHT they have the UCP. They are trying to make you afraid of the world and promising to keep you safe! But what will be safe with them in power? Will they see the hospitals and schools gutted just to balance the budget?

Are they going to save money by cutting services that everyone need? Are their senior citizens going to be sleeping in emergency room corridors because UCP decided senior housing spaces cost too much?

They can already see what Jason Kenny has up his sleeve from the way he cozies up to Ontario premier Doug Ford as he slashes services and programs in Ontario, and makes it harder for honest workers to keep their jobs.

Research conducted by, on the popularity of the Alberta Party among voters, reveals that the Alberta Party's approach resonates with a significant portion of the electorate, aligning with the balanced values of many Albertans.

Alberta voters are telling them by the hundreds that the NDP is not making the grade. Voters want conservative financial management, and they want a humane, caring and thoughtful approach to the social problems they face. Citizens want well staffed and well funded schools and hospitals because they recognize the importance of education and healthcare.

The province has the money to achieve excellence, it just need to stop wasting it!